About wyoming legacy meats

The Wyoming Legacy combines time-honored traditions with an open heart toward wholesome yet modern practices. Living off the land is a way of life in Wyoming, and we want to help keep family ranches alive and thriving for the next generation.

Our goal is to provide both the local and national consumer with the very best meat products grown in the true Wyoming tradition. We raise our animals with pride and provide the very best environment for healthy growth. We love the cattle business and that is manifested by humane treatment of our stock for all to see throughout the operation.

We offer the finest beef product grown anywhere and Wyoming should be proud of it! Our natural beef is grown in pristine environments, where our cattle graze pastures freely in the mountains of Wyoming, drink the purest water, and breath the best air in the nation.

With the combination of Wyoming land nutrients + our state-of-the art slaughter and processing facility, we guarantee all Wyoming Legacy Meats products carry the seal of safety, freshness, and a rich deliciousness that will help your family grow big and strong, the Wyoming way.

We guarantee all Wyoming Legacy Meats products are all natural and free of added hormones or antibiotics, and we also offer grass-fed and organic selections. All meat cuts are choice grade or higher and dry-aged at least two weeks, with the option to age up to 40 days for specialty cuts.

We hope you and your family enjoy our beef lamb and pork just as much as we do!

Frank and Caety Schmidt

Owners of Wyoming Legacy Meats